Medical Billing Solutions -- FAQs

FAQ Question: What information does our office need to provide Medx?
Answer: We need your patient’s demographic and insurance information, a copy of your charge ticket, any insurance eligibility forms, as well as payment data.

Question: How do I send you the daily charges and patient information?
Answer:  By courier, FedEx, or regular mail. We can arrange a courier pick-up during the week to meet your schedule (once or several times per week).

Question:  Where are reimbursements sent?
Answer:  For office based physicians, your office. For hospital based physicians (who might not have clerical support staff) we can set-up a lock box or provide a P.O. Box and process your daily bank deposits directly into your account.

Question:  How do you charge for your services?
Answer:  Our fees our based on a percentage of revenue collected, so we only get paid when you get paid. This percentage varies slightly, depending on the size and type of practice. For CAP business, we have alternative charging methods depending on your particular CAP contract.

Question:  Are you able to do my billing if I’m not in close proximity?
Answer:  Yes!    With today’s technology, distance, even in another state, is not a problem and our toll free 800-642-8004 phone number is printed on the patient statement.

Question:  Do I get monthly reports?
Answer:  Yes!   Over the years our clients have helped identify which reports they prefer to receive on a monthly basis. These reports generally show charges, payments, adjustments, and aged accounts receivable by payer and also include overview and recap reports. At the onset of a new client, we prefer to meet monthly with the practice and interpret/explain the dynamics and interaction of reports to performance. Since each client has unique needs, we can customize most month-end reports as requested.

If you have questions about our medical billing services and ways we can streamline your medical billing needs, call us today at 800-642-8004 or email us through our contact form and let our 20-plus years of experience go to work for your medical practice.